A free chapter of ‘Chasing Sachin’

*** Download a free chapter of ‘Chasing Sachin’ here: Chasing Sachin – FIRST CHAPTER and a bonus free one Chasing Sachin – FREE CHAPTER ***

Hello internet traveller, I’m Adam Carroll-Smith and this is my blog about my debut book, ‘Chasing Sachin’. Thanks for stopping by.

In a nutshell, ‘Chasing Sachin’ is the story of the summer I just spent chasing the great Tendulkar around England, and my attempts to fulfill my childhood dream of bowling just one ball at him.

As a Sachin fan since my childhood, I’d always hoped that one day, I might grow up to play for England, and perhaps have the chance to bowl at my hero in a Test match.

Unfortunately, the fates transpired to make me pretty crap at cricket. Not even ‘crap’ in the way that Mitchell Johnson is sometimes a bit ‘crap’. No, more like ‘crap’ in the way England were in the late 1990s. In other words, *really, really, really* crap.

But after a drunken bet was made with my best mate, Rosh, I decided I wouldn’t let a trifling detail like that stand in my way. I would spend an entire summer following Sachin around, hoping to convince him to let me bowl at him.

More than that, I began to believe that if I did get the chance to bowl at him, I would knock his off-stump over, too. People told me I was mad. If I  wasn’t when I started, by the end of the summer, I certainly was.

Pick up a copy of the book to find out how I got on – and how Jedi mind tricks, Cosmic Ordering, sleeping rough, Shane Watson’s manscaping habits, attempted bribery at the ‘Home of Cricket’ and an Irish cricketer helped me along the way…

*** Download a free chapter of ‘Chasing Sachin’ here Chasing Sachin – FIRST CHAPTER and have a bonus one, too… Chasing Sachin – FREE CHAPTER ***

And ‘Chasing Sachin’ is available to pre-order NOW at WH Smith http://www.whsmith.co.uk/CatalogAndSearch/ProductDetails.aspx?productID=9781908051516


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